Monday, April 6, 2015

Rescue And Revive

"One man's trash is another man's treasure."
This little chair was headed for the trash because the seat was broken. I had to rescue it. I brought it home with the intention of reviving it with decorative painting. That was ten years ago. It sat waiting for me to be inspired.
The inspiration finally came.
 The mended seat.

A base coat of white paint.
The image was my inspiration.
The cute little fairy image is from, Dawn, at The Feathered Nest


  1. That little chair never looked better.
    Sent you an email, Linda, but Happy Easter and happy spring again!
    PS-Spoodle is spoolie's cousin. :) typo teehee

  2. Great Job! I love the image of the Butterfly Baby! I bet the whole thing took you quite a bit of time to paint and finish. Beautiful results!
    Erica :)

  3. Wow! That's some makeover Linda! Must have taken you hours to complete?! It looks so happy! Great job indeed. Worth the wait maybe? x

  4. Linda, welcome back. Your chair is so sweet - you really gave it a new life - it's lovely! I love the designs, the little fairy, and the 'dream' writing around the seat...such a wonderful idea.

    Thank you for visiting me, and for the book purchase. Enjoy!

    Blessings for more creative ventures,
    Marianne xo

  5. Hi Linda, How did I miss this post. Your redesign child's chair is darling. I love it and all the amazing details you added are perfect. You are an artist my friend and this chair certainly shows that.
    The graphic was a great starting point and then you added the special details. Really adorable. Thank you for sharing this link.
    You should do more of these rescues. You have a great eye for designing.
    Hugs, CM

  6. Signed up to follow by email so I don't miss another post!!
    Hugs, CM

    1. Thanks Celeste for your sweet encouraging comments. I actually have done several of these rescues over the years. I recently added photos of many of them to a new Pinterest board I called Rescue and Revive.


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