Saturday, April 11, 2015

Art Doll Stories And Messages...

I love on-line art classes.
If you follow me you know that over the years I've taken many classes and have posted what I've learned. My friends also know that I dabble in many different creative genres. My favorite is mixed media art. 
Recently one of my friends, Pam from Cloth To Creation, told me about an amazing doll artist who has posted video classes on how to make " A Shrine Angel Doll." The other amazing thing about the class is that it is free. Those of us who have paid for classes know the more in-depth the class the higher the cost.
The doll artist, Daryle Cook, has created a new site called Cloth And Clay Doll Makers. He has step-by-step videos on how to create the Shrine Angel Doll mentioned above. He also is in the process of creating another free class on making a "Book Faerie." Click on the link to see the trailer about the class.
I'm watching his videos and in the process of making my first mixed media O.O.A.K. art doll. I'm enjoying it very much. Here are a few photos of my progress so far.

I have a long way to go...

Now, if all that giving isn't enough Daryle also has a fantastic monthly "Give-Away." I was so blessed to have won his March treasure. On Good Friday, I received Daryle's "Hope Angel." Click the link to visit Daryle and his wife, Katie, at Woodstown Whimsies to read about his Angel of Hope.  Click here to check out the free video classes and the new Cloth and Clay Doll Makers.

Daryle's Hope Angel in his new home.
Telling a powerful story and a message of hope.

By the way, my dear friend, Pam, has also made a Shrine Angel Doll. Click on her blog link above to see her O.O.A.K. doll story. Here's a clue, she loves birds.

Thank you so much Daryle for the Hope Angel and this wonderful new journey.

I'm linking this post to Pink Saturday. Beverly asked for anything pink or any Spring message. The Angel Doll carries a beautiful, powerful Spring message of hope.


  1. I adore the cloth dolls--the unique features and body are so creative. Looks like you have got a great start with that darling little girl and the body. Love the expressions the most.

  2. Hi Linda, this is just wonderful and I love your start with your new doll. Looks like you are well on your way to creating this special artform. Congrats on your win of the Hope angel. What a special doll.
    Thank you for sharing and I so hope you enjoy this process. I look forward to seeing more as you go along.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend my friend.
    Thank you also for always stopping by and your kind comments. You are such a blessing.
    Hugs, CM

  3. Wow! What talent, and what a special doll.
    Tell us all about the process when you try it, Linda.
    Did you say Book Faerie too? I have to check that out.
    Happy anything goes Saturday. We ended up sitting next to each other at Beverly's. Yay. :)

  4. Well you already know how much I like your doll Linda! He's fantastic and I'm glad I get to see him full length with the boat shelf.
    But thanks you so much for the link and very sweet words about my doll and work too! You're always such a sweetie and say all the right things. :) and as I said, Daryle's doll is definitely right where he should be.
    Love, thanks and hugs. ♥

  5. Hi, Linda! It's nice to meet you, from your lovely visit and comment about my bird bath DIY. Thanks for following my blog and Pinterest; I've done likewise, because I sure do like your creativity!! Thanks so much!! ~Zuni

  6. Glad you liked the flowers, Linda. Spring is not my favorite season because it ushers in our Florida storms, but I am purposely focusing on the flowers...and getting my earplugs ready. :) Don't like thunder. :(
    PS- I want to be a florist when I grow up. ;) Was actually my first job as a teenager.

  7. Hi Linda,
    I am pleased to meet you. Your clay doll project looks like such fun. I think being creative helps me to relax. I am not as talented as you and play with my teacups instead. Thank you for visiting me! Karen

  8. Oh Linda, you truly are branching out in your art. This is wonderful, so clever and creative. Also i love the altered chair. Wow, how brilliant. You are one talented lady. Hugs June x

  9. Hi Linda, stopping by to say hello. So fun to revisit this post again too.
    Thank you for visiting me and your sweet comment.
    Hope you have a blessed week ahead.
    Hugs, CM


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