Friday, March 20, 2015

A Body Of Work...

This is my Woven Fat Book Collection to date. "A Body Of Work."

That is what Gaye Medbury (Woven Fat Book Instructor) calls it when she lines up about six of her beautiful little Fat Books to show how they look grouped together. If you scroll down to my previous post you can click on Gaye's name to connect with her on her Face Book Page. Or click on the link in that post to her class at Creative Workshops for making these really cute books.

I made three of these fun little books. Below is the last one I made and it's my favorite of the three. Index cards are used for the pages of the book. I used plain white for two of the books and colored cards for the last one. I thought the color-coded cards would be fun to use. They have lines on one side and they are blank on the opposite side. Each side of the color-coded cards is a different color. One side orange, the other green, one side pink, the other yellow. Here, I'll show you...

FUN! Right?

After I purchased the set I began to think about a theme. Here is what I thought would be perfect. I took sections of six photos taken on a trip to the sea shore last August. I digitally altered, filtered, and played with them to make book covers below. The colorful beach umbrellas go perfectly with the colored cards.

This image is composed of sections from five different photos and then posterized for the effect.
This is only one photo with a digital butterfly added then posterized.  
The photos are very special to me and the butterfly has meaning to me. Butterflies seem to show up in my art and life so I've decided they might as well be part of my signature.
My Beach Theme Woven Fat Book
The three little shells I glued on the cover were found on that beach in the photos.  Very special. This was a beach trip taken by myself, one of my daughters, and one of my granddaughters. The three gulls and the three shells were not intentionally planned. Sometimes things like this just fall in place.
The shell beads I used on the spine are from an old broken necklace I had. I thought they were perfect.  
I shuffled the index cards to mix up the colors.   I also placed the cards within the signatures so that the lines and the blank pages would alternate inside for journaling.
You might view this back cover as a sun setting but it is actually a rising sun.  The duel possibilities of this image is also significantly important to me.
I used seam binding on the woven spine and the closure on this book. There are two shells at the end of the ties. I also used Stickles glitter around the edges of the images. I do like a little glitter in my projects and I think it sort looks like sand.
If you would like to see my first two Woven Fat Books scroll down to the previous post or click here.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. Well, if you aren't the cat's meow! Your fat books are yummy. I can see how much fun you have had making them. They are so special. Thanks so much for sharing my class on your blog.

  2. You are very talented and clever. Your work turned out nicely. Never got into any kind of craft work.

  3. Love that cute little bird in your banner! :-)

    1. Elizabeth, Yes I have you and your class on "How to paint a chubby bird" to thank for that cute bird in my header. I guess I love chubby things, birds, books, etc.

  4. These are precious...I have no crafting talents so really admire those that do. :)
    .here from Pink Sat

  5. Linda, WOW!! Welcome back to blogging. It was such a pleasant surprise to see your comments on my blog. Your fat books are fantastic!! What an amazing creative venture, and the photos are beautiful, and how lovely they have special meaning to you.

    I'm on a lunch break, so I have to make this visit quick, but I will return to see more of you.

    Blessings for you superb creativity,
    Marianne xo

  6. Of course you know I love all your books Linda, and this last one is wonderful! I love a beach theme and the coloured cards certainly added a fab touch. I love that so many of the elements you've used have special significance for you also. I love to tell a story with my projects if I can, even if I'm the only one who can see it in my mind's eye.

    I still haven't bought the class yet, but still have plans to. No really!! lol.♥

  7. Dear Linda, you are so very talented. Your creativity for designing these awesome books are over the moon. Using these wonderful and meaningful photos make your fat books extra special.
    I am so inspired by you my friend. Wish you gave a class and lived closer!!
    Thank you for stopping by. I was gone all weekend and trying to catch up today.
    Hugs and Blessings, CM

  8. Linda… the digital photographs and cover designs on these books are so rich and tactile friendly… they just want to be picked up, handled, and journaled in! Daryle, from Cloth and Clay Doll Makers

  9. Hi Linda, Stopping back by to say hello and wish you a blessed Easter week.
    So fun to see your creations again.
    Hugs, CM

  10. Hi Linda, stopping by to wish you a very Happy Easter filled with many blessings.
    Sending love your way.
    Hugs, CM

  11. I just have to try these one day soon. You're so talented, my friend.


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