Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Fat Book" Making

I really do enjoy making fat/chubby/mini, cute little books.
In the past I've made several accordion folded books that I filled with calligraphy quotations. I have also make a few domino books, filled with tiny images and messages.
My latest book making are these Woven Spine Fat Books. I am becoming so addicted to making them.
I'm grateful to Gaye Medbury for teaching the Woven Fat Book class through the Creative Workshop Website.
I can't stop now. My next fat book theme will be the beach.
 I used a silky multi-colored ribbon to weave the spine on this book and embellished the waxed threads with spring colored beads.
Images and quotes of springtime are on little slips of card stock tucked into the pockets inside the book.

There are pockets inside this book too but I haven't decided what I would like to put into them. Perhaps song titles and images of instruments. Humm...I'm not sure yet.
I used black and white fabric strips to weave the spine on this book and then added jingle bells and beads to the waxed threads.

I created the images on the cover of the Sing/Listen fat book by digitally altering several different images I had purchased years ago from June MacFarlane. 


  1. wow you really have become addicted Linda!! Good for you! They all look so gorgeous, and hope mine turn out as good!
    You have some really lovely themes and have done them all so well! ♥

  2. I'm in love! These are gorgeous!!! How do I even begin to make one? My mind is doing cartwheels. :) I especially like how tiny they are. Chubby little books...too cute.

  3. Signed up for the class. Could not resist.

    PS: I'm literally sitting here laughing out loud because it has taken me all these years to figure out that the I in your webpage URL (address) is an L. hahahaha Dididi me. Gee, I hope I pick up that chubby book tutorial a tad quicker. :)

  4. Hi Linda, WOW are these too cute or what??? You are incredible. Love these chubby books and the darling details you add. Is there anything you can't do my friend? Your talents are over the moon.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Wishing you a Happy Spring!!
    Hugs, CM


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