Friday, April 21, 2017

Furniture Painting

I'd like to say that I was at an estate sale or a flea market or yard sale.
I'd like to say that at the sale I found a great piece of furniture, purchased it, and brought it home to refinish.
Alas my life is not that exciting.
The first table below is an inexpensive accent table I had purchased several years ago. The flower effect was not painted on the table it was decoupage paper. The top of the table had sustained some water damage.
I scraped off the paper, lightly sanded the table and repainted it with chalk paints. Then gave it a coat of clear wax and a coat of antique wax.

I wanted a sofa table or console table.
I found an unpainted table online at Wayfair.
I used the same technique of painting it with chalk paints and waxes.
These pieces now help to balance the mix of furniture in my dining room (dark mahogany stain wood and shades of teal painted wood) the two tables are very similar to our manufacturer painted wine cabinet. 

Our dining room table and chairs and one of the china cabinets were my mother's furniture.  I know many of you would consider painting them as well but for now I want to keep them as they were.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter Around The House Continued

A continuation of my Easter/Spring decorations, including my seasonal tree.
I think I almost like my Easter tree more than our Christmas tree.
 I love the vintage like center of this Dollar Store find.
 Fun finds. The egg was originally white. The bird is as found.
 The dove candle was a gift.  An up-cycled box (for hard candy) I created. 
Stash Attack 5 Bunnies in a Bouquet and 1 wood block bunny.
Because not every bunny is the same. (((smiling)))
 The sofa table I stained and chalked painted. I'll show this project another day.
The Easter Tree.
I made some of the ornaments, purchased some, and a few items were gifts from friends. Real sprigs of  white and purple baby's breath were added.
It is my favorite seasonal tree.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter Day.
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Friday, April 7, 2017

Easter Around The House...

Old - New
Handmade - Purchased
A few years ago I lost interest in decorating for holidays. I considered giving away and throwing away the decorations. I'm happy that I didn't. I now find that I'm enjoying these things and decorating has become a new hobby of sorts.
 An Easter basket waiting for treasure.
I made the fabric liner from scrap fabric in my stash. (Stash Attack)
 An adorable (handmade by my sister JoAnn many years ago) floppy ear bunny. She's ready for Easter wearing her bonnet and dress.
 Tin Rabbit, not vintage but several years old.
 One of my ceramic class projects made long, long, ago, Peter Cottontail.
Next to Peter is a not so old Easter basket holding a few more old Easter ceramic pieces made by my mother and other family members.
Newly created mini-clothes pin chicks. A little gift for a friend.
 An inexpensive egg dish with cute salt and pepper shakers holds a few old ceramic eggs made by family members and a few newly purchased plastic eggs.
On Easter day I'll put dyed hard boiled eggs on the dish.
I made this fuzzy duck in a craft class many years ago that I attended with my sister, Judy, who is deceased. It's feathers are a bit ruffled but I don't mind. And I have fun memories connected to this fuzzy duck.
 I think this might be the actual Easter Bunny with that large sack of eggs.
This might be Mrs. Easter Bunny. She carries a very modest basket of eggs.
 I purchased this trio of bunnies a few years ago. 
love the colors and the way they are dressed. 
My vintage chicks are a treasure to me. They came from my grandparents toy and novelty store at least fifty years ago.
The dish of decorated eggs and the foil bunny are new.
I purchased white-painted wood eggs at a consignment store. As you can see I repainted and added a bit of bling to the eggs.
The bunny is new it's foil covered ceramic made to look like a vintage chocolate rabbit. I hope no one is tempted to eat his ears.

I'm going to save a few more decorations including how I trimmed my seasonal tree for next time.
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Looking forward to seeing all of your Spring and Easter decorations.