Saturday, March 4, 2017


Old Grasshopper that is...
Never too old to learn

In the fall of last year I sat in on a class held at our local museum presented by a Master Gardner. His presentation was on how to grow Bonsai plants. I was intrigued.

Below is a Bonsai Rose Tree which belongs to my daughter but I have taken on the job of caring for it. We have it for about two years and kept it in a sunny window and it blossomed and seem to be growing just fine. Then we moved and I guess it just didn't like the new location, it soon began to fade. The leaves dropped off and we thought it had died. I cut the branches back and noticed green. I relocated it to a very sunny window, watched and waited, it revived.  I have not had any blossoms as yet but with the help of fertilizer I'm hoping to see some soon.
I've also included some photos of my newly started bonsai plants. I hope to eventually show their progress.

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  1. Hi Linda, what a fun post. Looks like you did wonders to bring back the bonsai from moving. Sometimes plants just don't like to be moved but your care saved it. It looks gorgeous now.
    Wishing you a beautiful and blessed Sunday!! Hugs

  2. So pretty. I was going to say what Celeste said, sometimes plants don't like to be moved, especially when they're in a spot where they're thriving. It's good that you've grouped them, they like that too.


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