Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Shrine Angel Doll

I have decided to name my art doll, Journey.
I've created a few dolls over the years. Usually cloth dolls, like Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, Holly Hobby dolls, sock dolls, and even button dolls. Making an art doll, a shrine angel, with a paper clay head, and a wood box body was an unexplored journey for me.
If you've been following my blog you know that I took a free class with Daryle Cook at Cloth and Clay Doll Makers. Making my doll was not a smooth journey at all. I wasn't able to find an old box when I began the class. On a trip to the craft store I saw the little row boat. I didn't buy it that day but I kept thinking about it for over a week. Those who know me know that I love beach things. I decided the little row boat would be my body box (shrine).  It took me quite a while to work out the details. What I did find is that I really enjoyed creating the doll head and playing with the paper clay.

I actually liked his face better before the crackling and antiquing.

He's wearing a black sock cap trimmed with a star fish and a sterling silver hoop earring.
There is a piece of sheet music on the back of the boat. Bridge Over Troubled Water, written by Paul Simon. Written on the oars (arms), and along the edges of the shelves, and reflected in the letter blocks are lyrics from the 1977 song by Styx, Come Sail Away With Me. Sea shell decorative paper lines the bottom inside of the boat. The treasure chest on the last shelf holds a collection of sea glass. A snippet of music with the lyrics "all your dreams are on their way" is on the lid of the chest. His wings are made with Grunge board and sheet music. The anchor tag has scripture from Isaiah 40:31.
Can you find the butterfly in the boat?
This angel was one of the dolls I made several years ago.
I suppose her name would be Miss Liberty.
I am on a new journey in my life.
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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Art Doll Stories And Messages...

I love on-line art classes.
If you follow me you know that over the years I've taken many classes and have posted what I've learned. My friends also know that I dabble in many different creative genres. My favorite is mixed media art. 
Recently one of my friends, Pam from Cloth To Creation, told me about an amazing doll artist who has posted video classes on how to make " A Shrine Angel Doll." The other amazing thing about the class is that it is free. Those of us who have paid for classes know the more in-depth the class the higher the cost.
The doll artist, Daryle Cook, has created a new site called Cloth And Clay Doll Makers. He has step-by-step videos on how to create the Shrine Angel Doll mentioned above. He also is in the process of creating another free class on making a "Book Faerie." Click on the link to see the trailer about the class.
I'm watching his videos and in the process of making my first mixed media O.O.A.K. art doll. I'm enjoying it very much. Here are a few photos of my progress so far.

I have a long way to go...

Now, if all that giving isn't enough Daryle also has a fantastic monthly "Give-Away." I was so blessed to have won his March treasure. On Good Friday, I received Daryle's "Hope Angel." Click the link to visit Daryle and his wife, Katie, at Woodstown Whimsies to read about his Angel of Hope.  Click here to check out the free video classes and the new Cloth and Clay Doll Makers.

Daryle's Hope Angel in his new home.
Telling a powerful story and a message of hope.

By the way, my dear friend, Pam, has also made a Shrine Angel Doll. Click on her blog link above to see her O.O.A.K. doll story. Here's a clue, she loves birds.

Thank you so much Daryle for the Hope Angel and this wonderful new journey.

I'm linking this post to Pink Saturday. Beverly asked for anything pink or any Spring message. The Angel Doll carries a beautiful, powerful Spring message of hope.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Rescue And Revive

"One man's trash is another man's treasure."
This little chair was headed for the trash because the seat was broken. I had to rescue it. I brought it home with the intention of reviving it with decorative painting. That was ten years ago. It sat waiting for me to be inspired.
The inspiration finally came.
 The mended seat.

A base coat of white paint.
The image was my inspiration.
The cute little fairy image is from, Dawn, at The Feathered Nest