Friday, January 25, 2013

Traveling Apron New Beginning...

I've been hibernating a bit here in cold, I mean COLD PA. 
But today I want to share news with you about the Traveling Apron. 
The apron has begun the new year by traveling to Kentucky and is currently hanging in Kari's kitchen at The Thistlewood Farm. KariAnne, our new sister, has posted a recipe for an easy, sweet, mouthful of joy, treat to kick off the apron's new year travels. 
Click here to visit the Thistlewood Farm. KariAnne's posts are always entertaining and she is very creative. While you visit you can take a tour of her beautiful farm house and check out all her decorating tips too.
 Oh, did I mention anything about the amazing photos she takes as well?
Notice the apron hanging along side a recipe for bread on the wall in her kitchen. Not only will you find the recipe for the bread by visiting her blog you will also be able to read how to make a recipe wall too. 
Strawberry Cheesecake Bites served in a bird's nest - too cute!
It's snowing here as I write this but I'm thinking about warm weather and sweet strawberries. I'll swing over to say hello to my Pink Saturday friends before I go back to the cave. I hope you pour yourself a cuppa of something and take the tour here of Thistlewood Farm then swing by here to How Sweet The Sound and visit all the pink posts. 
I just found out that our newest member of the sisterhood is ... drum roll
Laura at Finding Home. Click here to visit her. 
I'm so excited to get back to her blog and read some of her decorating posts tour her house and check out her projects page. Welcome to the group and enjoy your time with the apron Laura.


  1. I am so excited that KariAnne did a post! The apron has had a quiet January so far! Stay warm and PINK!

  2. Linda! Thank you so much! You are the BEST!!!!!! The apron is now on its way to Laura from Finding Home!


  3. Just checking to see if my comment went through?

  4. A traveling apron is a great idea. Those strawberry bites look so good, I just might have to make them.

  5. All these bloggers that are wonderful cooks are killing me. I do not cook anymore so all these homemade things look so tempting.

  6. Those strawberries look divine, and are so darn cute in the nest!! I just found your awesome blog, and I love it. Your newest follower. :)

    Kathy @

  7. I love just reading about all the travels and wish I was attached to the "apron strings" for visits! XOXO

  8. you had me at Strawberry Cheesecake bites ...sigh.
    Hope you stay warm and cozy !

  9. How exciting! I'll go visit her now! And you stay warm this weekend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  10. Traveling apron sounds fun!

    My PINK
    Have a great weekend!

  11. I love her blog too and the apron looks great there doesn't it? ~Diane

  12. Off to visit the apron's newest apprentice. :)
    That dessert in a nest is amazing, not to mention the recipe wall. WOW!

  13. I will go visit your blog friends. I was just introduced to Thistlewood Farm on another blog today. I think the traveling apron is so cute. I love it! The strawberries lok scrumptious, and it doesn't help that I didn't have lunch!!!


  14. Cute idea! strawberries look so good and make me wish for summer!

  15. Hi Linda, Oh the traveling apron has landed in a fabulous place. Love those strawberry treats too.

    Thank you for your well wishes. I am doing a bit better but not 100 percent yet. Got pleurisy from all the coughing. Have to rest a bit longer. Not too good at that. Thank you for the prayers too. I really felt them greatly.

    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  16. Hi Linda,
    Thats such a great idea with the recipe wall. I shall pop by and visit this creative lady :)
    Thanks so much for following me again on the new blog. Its been crazy but i am thrilled to be back in blogland, at least a little
    Hugs June x


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