Sunday, January 23, 2011

Reaching Out

Another friend I've met in this creative blog circle is Pam Eyre at Cloth To Creation. Pam has been holding auctions and now raffles to help raise money for the flood victims in Australia. A donation to the Disaster Relief Appeal will give you a chance to win one of her wonderful creations. If you would like to meet this talented lady just click on her blog name above or click on her "Hope Banner" on my side bar. Stop by to see her mix-media creative work and check out her occasional vegetarian recipes. Find out how you can help Pam to make a difference.


  1. Oh my gosh, the home we bought here in Louisiana was completely destroyed by had to be rebuilt from the ground up (it had the 2x4s but no walls, windows, doors, etc.) So I know exactly what happens after a flood and it takes forever to rebuild...this area is not even back to half of what it was 5 years ago...Still working on it.

    I will go visit her..and wow, what a special friend!!!

  2. What a wondefully big heart! I will go visit.

  3. Thanks Linda, i will pop over and see
    have a great week
    hugs June

  4. Hi Linda lovely to meet up with you here. Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my work through Whimsical Musings Magazine - Yes Cindy is such a sweet and generous soul!
    Best of luck in your life, Suzy

  5. Hi Linda,
    Oh gosh, I'm changing my song to "Under the Boardwalk!" Brilliant!!! I hope you're having a wonderful evening.

  6. The devastation in Australia has been heart breaking! Thanks for posting about Pam's auctions and raffles...isn't wonderful how we can help each other out by simple connecting? I will definitely hop over!



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