Saturday, September 1, 2018

29 Faces in September

September is here and it's time for 29 Faces!
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My theme, "Facing The Garden."
I'm going to attempt to draw, and when possible, paint a series of 29 faces within flowers, or vegetables or fruits. 

Our fearless 29 Faces Leader, Martha, has given a prompt word for the first week of 29 Faces. 
The word is "Aretha." 

It's not that we must do an Aretha face, but I really wanted to try. 
So sorry Aretha, please for give me. It doesn't really look a lot like Aretha but it's my tribute. I found a photo of Aretha Franklin from 1967 approximately and I used it as my reference for my drawing. I then scanned the drawing and I scanned a lily flower drawing I had, I then digitally merged the face with the flowers. 
I printed it out and then added some additional shading. 

29 Faces
September 1, 2018
Tribute to Aretha Franklin

Facing The Garden
Aretha Lily

This is a video of my 29 faces for the month of September
I had a theme called
"Facing the Garden"

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