Friday, July 28, 2017

The Broken Lamp...

My daughter found a lamp she LOVED in the discount room of a furniture store. Originally they were asking $25.00 for the lamp. I'm not sure why they thought it was worth that much since the lamp leg was broken as you can see in the photos below. However, as I said, my daughter just loved the lamp. She asked the sales person if they had another undamaged lamp like it in the store. The sales person assured her they did not. I asked if they would consider taking $15.00 for the lamp and I told my daughter that I would try to fix it for her. To change the price the sales person had to ask the owner of the store who wasn't there at the time. She took my daughter's name and number and said she would let her know. The next day the sales person from the furniture store called and said the owner didn't realize how damaged the lamp was and she would reduce the price to $10.00. My daughter bought the lamp. We decided the shade alone was well worth the price. It took me about a week to make the repairs and we were lucky to find a fairly close match of color. 

Rescued and Revived 
A lovely lamp and a happy daughter, priceless. 

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