Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Nature and Rainy Days...

It is a rainy day here in PA,
 but the best part about that is it's washing all the dirty snow piles away.
I was challenged on Facebook by a friend to post nature photos for seven days. I thought I could share my first three days here.
The house next to me has been vacant. Last year this lovely white Azalea was in bloom and I enjoyed seeing it. I took this photo and loved the star pattern in the center. Last fall the owner of the property dug this plant up and took it away. I'm glad I got to enjoy it one season.

Another Azalea in front of my deck. This one gets red blossoms.  

A new pot of Pansies, just in time for the rainy day.
 Snow damaged hyacinths
Hope for daffodils.

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  1. Rainy days will head this way soon, mainly summers here. The color on the pansies is so pretty, and I love the Azalea with the red blossoms. Fingers crossed for daffodils.


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