Monday, September 21, 2015

Farewell Summer...

I love Summer, I would like it to last much longer. I have been trying to ignore the signs of change but it's no use. With the help of several of my friends here in blogland and their beautiful posts of fall colors and decorations. I'm now ready to embrace autumn. But before I do here is my final tribute to Summer. One of my sweet friends, that I met here in the land of blogs, surprised me with a gift that I will treasure.
A tea and biscuit celebration in my imaginary beach house.

I adore the box that this precious mug came packaged inside, it is a perfect place for me to store my seashell garland for just a little while.
Thank you my sweet friend.
You know you have been a blessing and I think of you often.


  1. Hi Linda, you created a lovely way to say so long to summer for this year. I love your beautiful cup gift and the box will hold your treasures beautifully.
    I hope you enjoy the fall just as much and the season blesses you greatly.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Sending BIG HUGS your way.
    Blessings, cm

  2. Oh how cute! I love the art work! Blessings this day, Lynn

  3. Linda, your farewell to summer is so very special, just like you. It does not surprise me one little bit that your friend thought of you when she looked at those two girls living it up at the beach. ;) Biscuit and tea, starfish and scotties, oh my. Love, love, love!

  4. Summer ... sigh ... this makes me want to rush right back to June. Sounds strange coming from this autumn-loving October baby, but the wedding planner in me could sure use a seaside retreat.

    Guess what? A little messenger birdie showed up at my doorstep, holding the prettiest letter in its tiny beak. I knew right away, no return address needed, that it came from a special heart. So I hugged it, I smiled, and I waited to open it at just the right time. I do this with sunshine mail, you know. :) I sat in my luminarium, and along with my tea, I slowly sipped every kind word. My pretty letter now sits in our sunshine mail holder. I see it on my way out and on my way in. And I smile.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes, dear friend.

  5. Dear Linda, thank you for stopping by. I hope all goes well with your home sale and move. I will keep you in my prayers that God show you the way on your path. Wishing you a wonderful season and a very Merry Christmas. Looking forward to when you are back to creating and blogging again. I have missed you. Sending love and hugs your way.

  6. Hello Linda, I saw your comment on my blog and i am thrilled to know you will be returning to blogging. I missed blogging and i am so glad to be back and able to see my friends and their art on here. Its much nicer than just facebooking. Hope to see you here again soon my friend. x

  7. Hi Linda, so nice to see you today. Hope you are doing well and enjoying the almost spring season. Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Wishing you a nice week and blessings to you!! xo


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