Friday, July 17, 2015

Sight And Scent Memory Triggers...

Does this happen to you? You see something, a flower, a building, or a bumble bee. You inhale the scent of an aftershave, baking bread, or leather. Immediately it evokes your memory of someone.  It happens to me.

A little digital playing for Emma Keller

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  1. Beautiful flowers always brings up happy memories for me.

  2. I remember well the year I had a wonderful thick row of
    Zinnia's, never again to be as lush and beautiful. There is nothing like growing your own flowers.

  3. Hi Linda, yes scents and sights do bring thoughts of times and loved ones back to me. The scent of my summer basil takes me to my grandmas kitchen.
    Lovely blooms you share. Have a blessed weekend! Hugs, cm

  4. Wonderful shots Linda! They're all so pretty and hope I do hope they were all sweet memories that they evoked for you.
    For me it's usually the scent/smell that does it. ♥

  5. BEAUTIFUL! Oh, I see things that stir wonderful memories and thoughts every day, my friend. As a matter of fact, I ran into something last week that made me think of you. Will try to mail it soon.

  6. Wonderful shots of flowers! Bees are busy in their work in flowers!


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