Friday, February 20, 2015

Pink Saturday Winter Play

Winter play - skiing, ice skating, snow-boarding.

Back-in-the-day we did enjoyed skiing but I cannot tolerate the cold and the fear of breaking one of these old bones keeps me indoors. I avoid going out especially now with the frigid temperatures. While trying to stay warm and not get bored out of my mind, I play. 

I've always enjoyed playing with boxes. I love to "up-cycle" them. Take for example this old watch box. The watch is long gone. Some may think that I should have tossed the box into the trash. But why? It was a great little box.

I played with some paper and glue, a little glitter, a few gems and some buttons. I like how it turned out but now I'm not sure if I should keep it or give it away. What would you keep in a butterfly box, wishes, kisses, more butterflies?


Another winter pastime I enjoy is putting together jigsaw puzzles.  A friend of mine calls working on jigsaw puzzles "winter sports." I'm just getting started on this one. I hope Spring is here by the time I get it completed.

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  1. I enjoy jigsaw puzzles as well. Especially in the winter. In fact I am working on one now that has 1000 pieces. Never will do another one like it.

  2. Your treasure box is beautiful, Linda! And I like the same "winter sports"!

  3. Hi Linda, I too enjoy doing a puzzle and during these cold days it is so much fun while being indoors. Looks like you are starting a complicated design. It will be fun. Love your darling box. What a treasure you designed from a through away watch box. I save them too for the same repurpose. Everything is a possible surface, right?

    We are having a very cold rain with falling temps. They are predicting sleet and ice for Monday.
    Hugs, CM

  4. What a gorgeous box, Linda. You always inspire me. I'm working on a spoolie right now, for an exchange. Thank God for creativity!
    PS-I'd keep butterflies and dried flowers in it, that way I can open it up, close my eyes, and pretend to be in an English garden ...when an English garden is all that'll do. :)


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