Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Power Of The Apron...

I just love the chickens and eggs on the apron!
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Apron is about sharing and one of the things we have been sharing are recipes. Marcia made and shared a pastry treat that got my attention on one of her posts called Pastelitos de guayaba. I hope I have that correct.  Click here to see Marcia's post. They looked so delicious and her directions are very easy to follow. 
I felt that I had to make these while I had the apron. Thank you Marcia for introducing me to this new dessert. I had never tried guava paste before. I found it in our grocery store in the international isle with the Goya products. They were so easy to make that I didn't mind spending time in the kitchen. I actually felt like I was crafting something while assembling the little food art squares. They look, smell, and taste amazing. 
The power of the apron - trying something new.
 You will need these things...
You will get this result - YUM! 


  1. made pastelitos!!! Welcome to Miami. hahaha I love it, I love it, I love it!! They were such a hit around here that now everybody wants me to keep making them. We tried spinach last week, mix made with ricotta and mozzarella...WOW!!! They are simple, aren't they.
    I don't think you can go too wrong with puff pastry. ;)
    Enjoy the magic, so far the apron has managed to deliver a little bit of Miami to Pennsylvania. Gotta love it.

  2. I think it's the love and friendship that this little apron has been shown! The magic continues:-D

  3. So glad that you are enjoying your time with this wonderful, magical apron!

  4. That looks amazing! And the apron is bringing us together in friendship. It's special and so are you! Hugs!

  5. I love this concept! And it looks like the apron inspired you!

    What a blessing.

  6. Great concept Linda and so glad it brought you some joy and fun! Those morsels look very tasty! Might have to try some myself! ♥

  7. Hi Linda, Oh this looks so delicious!! Looks like you are truly inspired with the traveling apron. Thank you for sharing and have fun. Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Wishing you a special weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  8. These look so good. I've been getting some recipes from each sister and hope to make them 'one of these days'!
    hugs, Linda


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