Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving Thanks

The apron arrived in time to help me prepare a few Thanksgiving side dishes to take along to my brother's.  We had a delicious meal and a great time with family and friends yesterday. 
The Pink Saturday theme for this week is Giving Thanks
I have so much to be thankful about. I could go on and on and I would mention all the things most people are thankful for like their families, friends, a home, electric, water, freedom, etc. 
I truly am thankful to God for all the blessings in my life. 
Here in blogland I'm thankful for my blog sisters. This week I was blessed with receiving gifts from my sisters. The first gift to arrive was the Traveling Sisterhood Susan Apron from Marcia at The Little Shop Around The Corner. I've been invited to join the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Susan Apron; you can read about the adventures of the apron in my previous post (click here)
Below are some photos of the package Marcia sent. As you will see there was much more than an apron inside the package.  There was magic!

 The apron, a note book and a wrapped gift.
Marcia made me this gorgeous box

Looking inside the box
special trinkets
A beautiful hand stamped birthday card (card by Patti's Pretty Things.)  
Fairy Dust
It was even tapped with a special glittery tape
 Marcia knows how much I like the beach

A journal

 My grandkitty, Penny, practically stood on top of me while I opened the package. She never pays any attention to Catnip but she loved the wonderful aroma on the tissue paper and laid on it the rest of the day.
And if that wasn't enough two days later I received another package from my Secret Blog Sister. Awesome!

I will be sharing a few of my recipes in the next post. 
Thank you my sisters for the sunshine mail!
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  1. I'm looking forward to reading about how the apron's magic inspires you.
    Your sister in apronhood(!!) Jane xxx

  2. A very nice post filled with many thanks for all the right reasons. Blessing to you. That was a great package you received.

  3. Hello Linda, I love meeting my new sisters; those apron strings bring us all together and weave a special kind of magic. I look forward to reading about your adventures. Elaine x

  4. I love having another Sister and it was one of my blessings this Thanksgiving, to know how a simple apron has "tied" us together. I feel the warmth of sisterhood and each new destination makes me excited to see what it brings to you.
    I know the "apron" is my anchor to my mother, but it has come to mean so much more. Marcia, as is all the women starting with Meggie, so talented and have brought a new reason to blogging for me.
    Have fun wearing this treasure, XOXO

  5. So happy to see the magic at your place, Linda. I am delighted that you liked your birthday goodies too, and EXTRA giddy that Penny was drawn to the love that I made sure traveled with this package. ;) How wonderful that you also received a package from your secret sister. Talk about "timing." ;)
    Have fun, my friend.

  6. I was over on Marianne's blog Leisure Lane - where she featured your blog. I had to scroll through your posts b/c I recognized your header photo. I have not been by in awhile. Nice to see you.
    What neat packages and contents - love the little box . Aren't cats just silly about things like that. Ours constantly works getting her rear end on or in very challenging places. Always amazes me that she accomplishes what she set out to do!
    Enjoyed your post. Take care! Jenn

  7. It really is exciting! And Marcia makes everything more fun! I've been missing all of your wonderful posts and realized I didn't have your blog in my 'sister' list! I fixed that! Sweet hugs!

  8. Linda, I've been out of touch for a bit and I'm just now catching up to your adventures with the apron! It is so exciting to see it arrive and how happy you are!

    Sister #8


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