Friday, August 17, 2012

Pink Saturday ~ Cup Cake Wars

Last Saturday my daughter treated us to some delicious cup cakes. These are not just ordinary cup cakes they are specialty cup cakes from a bakery called Ady Cakes. Ady the owner of Ady Cakes was a winner of the Food Network's Cup Cake Wars. Ady's cupcakes are baked fresh every day and she features certain flavors every day. She also makes seasonal flavors for each month. A great reason to keep going back at least monthly to try them all. Below are 6 delicious flavors we shared. They come packaged in a "pink box!"
Perfect for a Pink Saturday post. 
They were delicious! Click here to check out Ady Cake's Shop.
 Dulce de Leche, Mocha Espresso, Chocolate Mint, Pink Champagne, Chocolate,  and Chocolate Peanut butter

Happy Pink Saturday - Click here to visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound.


  1. It would not do for me to go there. I would make myself sick. They really look tasty.

  2. What a wonderful treat, especially from your daughter. I absolutely love the box, and seasonal flavors too?!? That pink champagne has me quite curious. Do you have a favorite?

    Loved this, Linda.
    Happy pinks!

  3. I have a feeling I saw that episode of Cupcake Wars. Oh, how I love that show (and Chopped). We've finally got Food Network over here, so I actually get to see these shows. What these people can do with icing is incredible, and I never heard of so many variations on a cake mix!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Hi Linda
    I hope you left one for me!!!!
    Look so delicious.

  5. Gosh, those look scrumptious, Linda! I love cupcakes, and a friend and I get together every week at our new local cupcake shop and enjoy delectable cupcakes...made from scratch and the icing melts in your mouth. But alas, I have to stay away from sweets for while, and that means no more cupcake shop meetings...whaaaa!

    I'm glad you enjoyed yours...

    Thank you for visiting, I appreciate your visits and comments.

    Blessings for icing on your day,
    Marianne xox

  6. P.S. I have the same paper plates...good taste, Linda...☺


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