Friday, June 8, 2012

Do You Believe...

Do you believe in angels and fairies?

If you didn't before - do you believe now?
The little pink fairy is my great granddaughter celebrating her 1st birthday.
 Happy Pink Saturday!
Thank you Beverly for hosting the party! Click here to hop on over to say hello to her at How Sweet The Sound

I'm also excited to share that my new children's book
is available at Amazon's Kindle Store. You don't need a Kindle to download these e-books. You can read them on your I-Pads or your computers. Amazon offers a FREE app for your computer. It allows your computer to turn into a Kindle of sorts. Amazon will be offering my new book  free for a few days beginning on Saturday. Thank you to all who have purchased, borrowed and or reviewed my books. I appreciate your support and encouragement. 
Also available on Amazon as an e-book. Click on the titles above if you would like to read more about the books. 


  1. Congrats on your book and your angel is adorable!

  2. What wonderful news. I think it is wonderful your having books published. That darling child is so precious.

  3. Hi Linda, Your angel fairy is adorable and they are the best kind! Congrats on your book and Happy weekend! Marilou

  4. Gorgeous angel!

    My PINK, have a nice weekend.

  5. Oh my, I do believe! I do! I do!! She's adorable.
    Congratulations, my friend. I had no clue, although the title sounds familiar from Cindy's fb. Maybe she mentioned it and I didn't link it to you. LOVE this. I must stop by Amazon soon. It has been a busy creative week, but I am planning to do a lot of catching up and resting this coming one. Time for a good book. ;)
    Love and blessings.

  6. What a sweetie! Congrats on book #2 Linda!

  7. Hi Linda~ I was just stopping by to say hello and I'm so glad I did! Yes, I believe - especially when they are as cute as your great granddaughter! What fun! AND, you are an author?! How cool is that!
    Blessings to you!

  8. LOL....oh yes, I believe in fairies and was just reading how much they love glitz and glitter and pearls. I am collecting things for a fairy home to be placed under the old cherry tree. Putting together this special place with my grand-daughter when she visits in a few weeks. Your little pink fairy is pretty special!!! HPS

  9. Thanks for sharing your sweet little angel with us. Congratulations on another book. I have Molly and the Chocolate Cookie Crumb Race, it's a sweet read. ~ Abby


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