Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Fun, Blessings and Friends

Happy Pink Saturday!

Last week I shared a photo of a close up of one of the buds on my Magnolia tree. The next day all the buds opened but I forgot to take another picture until after the sun had gone down and I heard an odd noise in the yard. I grabbed the camera and here is what I captured.
Happy April Fool's Day too!
Below is the original night photo.
That rectangular object is a bench under the tree. While fooling around with the image in my Photoshop I found several filters I liked. Here is one I might play with as a background in a digital collage. Love all that PINKness.
Now for sharing fun, fun, fun.
I recently joined the Tag A Month trading group at The Altered Paper. Lucky me, Tee had my name for April. Here is the adorable tag she made for me and all the special extra gifts she included. Thank you Tee!
And if that wasn't enough I received another surprise gift from Abby at Little Birdie Blessings. Abby has a wonderful collection of Vintage photos that she combines with Scripture, blessings and prayers. It was a blessing for me to receive these beautiful cards from Abby. It's been a stressful week for me and the "Keep calm and PRAY" card below was exactly what I needed! 
Thank you Abby. 
Thanks also to Beverly, our hostess every week for our Pink Saturday Party


  1. Cute little bunny in your garden! lol! Lovely photos of your magnolia. Ours were beautiful but got hit by a hard frost last week, which runied them. :( Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. :))) Very clever Linda! It's great! Your tree looks so very pretty. and quite large given how small that bench looks. :) Do the flowers not last long enough for you to have taken a pic of them the next day? How long do magnolia flowers last? Have a fab weekend. x

  3. HARVEY...there you are...LOL The bunny is cute!
    Your photos are sp pretty, I want to sit under your tree.
    Tee is a great hostess and swap partner...LOVE HER! I LOVE doing the tag swap.

  4. Hi Linda, This was your week wasn't it. Lots of goodies. Congratulations. I'm glad you were pleased with the scripture cards I sent. Thanks for the link, and mention. ~ Abby

  5. You did very well on your joke post.

  6. Cute! You totally fooled me! LOL
    Happy Pink Saturday to you.
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!

  7. I Love The Bunny Hopping About Under Your Pretty In Pink Magnolia Tree! Definitely Makes a Lovely Background!
    Happy Pink Saturday! And Have A Great Weekend! Hugs,Tee

  8. I love what you did with Photo Shop! Beautiful!
    And I'm thinking that I need to sign up for that "Tag a Month" swap too! I looks like you received some great things!
    Have a great weekend! Erica :)

  9. Ha!! You caught that Easter Bunny in action, huh. ;) LOVE IT! Love that gorgeous tree and all the beautiful tags and Abby's graphics are gorgeous as usual.
    Thank you for sharing, Linda, that's part of the fun for us girls, isn't it. ;)
    HPS, and I have an April Fool's baby, and we'll be celebrating her 19th birthday this Sunday.
    Much love!

  10. Absolutely fabulous and gorgeous!

    Visiting a little late for Pink Saturday. My entry is a product of creativity. Have a great weekend!

  11. Happy Pink Saturday Linda! Love your beautiful pics of the magnolias!

  12. I DO love all that pinkness!! It is so beautiful! How wonderful that you know how to do photoshop! Love the tags! Don't you just love Miss Abby?! What a blessing it is to know so many amazing women who blog - that means you!
    hugs, Linda!

  13. Oh WOW, Linda, I love this post and I adore all the gifts you received from such special bloggers--they are awesome women!!!

    Sending (((hugs))) your way and hope you're having a nice weekend,

  14. Your tree is beautiful...I've never seen one look like that before!
    Well deserved gifts!

  15. Hi Linda, I'm so glad you were pleased with the goodies I sent. Looks like it was a week for fun mail. Have a great rest of the week. ~ Abby


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