Thursday, March 22, 2012

A bouquet of flowers...

I received this awesome card from Diane at 1 Card Creator. My photos do not show how beautiful it really is. The big bouquet of flowers the adorable little girl is carrying look and feel like real flowers. Diane used a product called "flower soft" to create the effect.  Diane's design makes it much more than a greeting card it's a work of art. 

 She added a beautiful paper lining to the envelope. Tucked inside the envelope were two special butterflies and a dragonfly she had made.  
 Thank you Diane!

I do not make cards often but I was inspired by Diane's gift to finish a card I started a while back. I finally completed it and gave it wings to carry get well wishes to another special friend. 

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  1. Lovely cards Linda, both yours and Diane's.

  2. the flowers! Both are lovely cards!Hugs

  3. Isn't that little girl just adorable.
    Beautiful cards.

  4. I love your butterfly card and I see you have another beautiful envelope to mail it in! Thanks so much Linda, I am so happy you liked my card, you are too kind.

  5. Both cards are wonderful, Linda! I love the card with wings!


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