Monday, February 7, 2011

A Mini Tutorial~

I was working on a copper ornament for one of my up-cycled box projects when it occurred to me that maybe someone would like to know how I made it.
I decided to share the technique here in my first tutorial.  I hope you enjoy the project.

Grungy Copper Ornament
Gather tools:
Light Weight Copper (cut to desired size)
Bone Folder/Burnisher
Decorative Edge Scissors
Adirondack Alcohol Inks
Alcohol Ink Blending Solution
Felt Blending Tool

Trim the copper sheet to desired size. Cut the copper with a tin snip or old scissors.
(Take care, the edges of the copper can be sharp.)
Flatten and smooth copper surface.

Tape the copper piece securely to a padded work surface.

Tape the stencil securely to the copper sheet.

Emboss copper using the stylus to trace around the edges of the stencil pattern.

Trim the edges of the copper with a decorative scissor edger.
They will cut through light weight copper.

Emboss a line down the long sides the copper sheet using a ruler and the stylus.

Draw a row or two of squiggly lines, repeating the pattern of the edger scissors on the ends.

Drop tiny puddles of the alcohol inks on the copper. Use several different ink colors and a metallic mixative.

Spray the ink drops with alcohol blending solution.

Blend the inks and solution until you achieve the desired effect.

Attach the finished copper ornament to your project with your favorite glue or tacks.

Tip: Use trims, Stickles, or glitter glue to cover the sharp edges of the copper ornament.

The paper on the box with the copper ornament is from Shabby Cottage Studio.

I hope you enjoyed this free tutorial. If you share this tutorial please give credit to Linda Adams at Random Creativity.


  1. such a wonderful tutorial and a great idea.
    love this work

  2. Oooooo! Your tutorial has opened my creativity flood gates! Thank you!

    I popped over from Dawn's and I am so glad I did!


  3. Oh my gosh, Linda--now I KNOW you and I are connected!!! Ralph just bought me copper and silver sheets for my art yesterday! And I'm just waiting for him to get home to make something for a tag...I almost fainted when I saw your Your tutorial is FANTASTIC!!!
    Sending (((big hugs))) your way!!!

  4. Congrats on your first tutorial Linda! The copper ornament looks fabulous. Well done and so easy too by the looks. x

  5. Im sure i have some copper sheets gonna give this ago....your is stunning.


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