Monday, November 22, 2010

Another "Christmas Story Stocking"

Finally, I've finished another stocking for my Etsy shop.

This one is titled "Rejoice"

Rejoice The True Meaning of Christmas
Shared In "A Christmas Story Stocking" is my Etsy title.

This is my Etsy description: This art canvas stocking measures about 17” from top to bottom and 13 ½” from heel to toe. It is fully lined in a gold star pattern on red cotton and double stitched to bear the weight of lots of treasures. A red cord loop is attached at the top for hanging. Five gold jingle bells stitched across the top bring a tingle of music to the story. Italic calligraphy in the center of the front and back tells the story from the N.I.V. version of the Holy Bible in the book of Luke 2: 8-20. It begins with an angel bringing good news of great joy to shepherds by telling them the Savior Christ The Lord has been born. A fine spray of gold glitter adds to the wonder. Lyrics from a verse of the Christmas Carol, “Good Christian Men, Rejoice” are hand-lettered on the front section of the foot. Musical notes embellish the back foot area. Hand-painted stars, trees, pine branches, berries, dots and dashes, swirls and curls decorate the stocking.

The first two pictures were taken inside. The last one was taken outside. It's been dreary and I just didn't have great lighting. I didn't want to postpone listing any longer. Christmas is almost here!


  1. Beautiful work are very talented.


  2. I love your stocking, it's wonderful Linda! I do love the combination of lettering that you've incorporated! Such talent you have!!


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