Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mind Wide Open April Challenge

"Come Play With Me" is my entry for the April Challenge from Gail at Mind Wide Open. It is my very first entry. I'm just starting to play with digital imaging and I'm enjoying it very much. I have much to learn, and look forward to continue with taking digital classes and playing with the challenges. Gail's image of the adorable butterfly fairy with the catherdral background and her word promt "magical" inspired a story which I've tried to show in my entry. The cute butterfly fairy has found a pool of blessed water where she immerses a doll and magically transforms it into a beautiful butterfly playmate. On or about April 10th you can view all of the challenge entries and you can vote for your favorite one by visiting


  1. I'm really liking this Linda. I love the story of it, Well done! :)

  2. Thank you Pam I really enjoyed playing with the image.

  3. Well done Linda!!! The best of luck to you in this current challenge, my friend! It was great to see you enter and I hope you continue to enter each month!
    Joan Marie :)

  4. HI! I thought I would pay you a visit now. I really, really like this, and the story you made up for it.
    You have a lovely blog.
    I liked your poem. Do you live near the beach? I am about a 10 min. drive from the ocean - I live in NJ. How about you?
    Good luck with your entry-

  5. Thanks JoanMarie, The image was fun to play with.

  6. Thanks Jenny,

    I do love the beach. However, I live in PA in the mountains.

  7. I was a runner up in the April challange. Thanks to Gail I get to select one of her beautiful collage sheets as my prize. I love it!

  8. Hi Linda,
    I am replying to your comment regarding the butterfly. Any one of these butterflies would be fine - as long as they are 'cut out' - meaning in the shape of a butterfly as opposed to a butterfly within a rectangle.
    Feel free to ask away - no such thing as a dumb question. This is a very pretty collage by the way! And thanks for joining in.


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