Monday, August 10, 2009


Strolling along the shore
The Sun’s shining, the surface of the water glitters
Breathing, taking in the ocean’s spray - pungent, salty.

Quick—sand dissolving beneath my bare feet,
The moist breeze tossing my hair, the warm summer sun
Penetrating, blushing my skin.

The sea gulls’ laughing over the roaring
Waves—rushing the shore, laying treasures
Instantly, taunting to snatch back to the depths again.

Distant sailing ships rocking gently side to side,
Like ducklings in a pond, floating to and fro
Starring, steering -
endlessly in AWE.

Sun shading - umbrellas, beach chairs cluttering
Chattering, blaring boom boxes, singing cell phones
Tuning out - The beach.

~Linda M. Adams


  1. Oh Linda! What a beautiful poem! I write poetry too but nothing as beautiful as this! Even though you took me from that beautiful beach experience to the Awakening, I find it beautiful! I felt I was really on that beach!
    Now I just hope you find my comment. I noticed that you haven't had a new post in a while. Oh, and btw...I am also an ATC creator/trader and have been doing ATC's since 2006. I'm so happy to see you've joined the ATC rage! I can tell you right now it's very addictive. :)
    You know from my Mind Wide Open challenge image that I do digital art but I also sketch, paint, write, stitch, etc. Well, actually, I love anything to do with the arts. Please feel free to take a peek at my blog at:
    And before I close, I would just like to say a huge thank you for the vote from the Mind Wide Open challenge this month! I think I'm still a bit shocked that I got three votes this time! So, thank you once again!
    With kind regards,
    Joan Marie :)

  2. Hi Linda, thanks so much for your lovely comment on my poem today. The poem came first, i love sunsets and water and the sea and this is beautiful poetry, do you write a lot ? I used to but not for a few years now. I love how you created this poem, the blending of soul and nature and then the awakening to the company human distractions
    hugs June


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