Friday, February 2, 2018

Getting to know me...

In preparing myself for the
I made a discovery about myself.

I've always had an interest in art and creating things in general. What I discovered is that I've been interested in drawing faces for a very long time, I pulled out all my journals and sketch books and began looking for faces. I found several drawings of faces that I drew over 30 years ago. I also know that my recent interest and joy in making art dolls is connected because making their faces is what I enjoy the most. 

I was and still am a bit shy about sharing my faces because there are many amazing artists posting faces in this challenge. I was encouraged to enter and have fun and so I am. Below are my 29 faces for the month of February. I learned quite a lot and I had a fun time participating in the challenge. My plan is to keep practicing and take some drawing, painting and journaling classes. 

I wanted to add a few of the faces I drew over 3o years ago.
 My favorite, a model in a magazine. I never finished it. 
 You may recognize her, Jaclyn Smith 20 years ago.
My daughter has never forgiven me for that perm. (((laughing)))

If your are interested in joining the 29 Faces group there is a link on my side bar. They will be doing the challenge again in September. 29 Faces Group
Off I go now to make some soup bowl cozies.
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Thursday, February 1, 2018


For several weeks in January I stayed warm and cozy taking a workshop with Jodi Ohl.  The workshop is called "Who Are You." I  found the class to be relaxing and fun. Jodi shares her painting techniques and has an easy going attitude . Her step by step videos are simple to follow. The beauty of these online classes is that you can go back and watch the videos as often as you like. 
Below are my painting from the class.

This wasn't my first class with Jodi, I've also took her "Let's Face it Class." 
Go here to visit Jodi's blog or here to see her classes at Creative Workshop.
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