Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Flowers coloring the land

I live in a development of townhouses. Only a few of us plant flowers or adorn the porches with pots of colorful blossoms. Luckily I see a lot more flowers as I drive through the surrounding neighborhoods. Another place I see beautiful gardens is on social media. I have many friends who love to visit botanical gardens and share their experiences and then I also have friends who simple love to grow flowers and share with gorgeous photos.

One of the two Azaleas and a Euonymus planted in our backyard mini garden. They were planted by the former owners, I'm so happy about their choice. Since the size of the allowed in ground garden space is very small we do containers on the deck. I'll share photos next time.
I did add a couple of Evening Primroses. Unfortunately these have all finished blooming for the season. Time for the container garden.
Remember to take time to smell the flowers.