Friday, October 28, 2016

Magical October...

Magical things often happen in October.

Meet Dan de Lion.
A messenger faerie.
If you believe, he will blow your message of love, hope, dreams, or wishes to the one you love on the seeds of a dandelion.
I took me weeks, not months, to finish this new art doll. About three months ago I shared a clay head that I started for this doll when I introduced my Butterfly Elf, Star Catcher.
I was stuck on what kind of a body I wanted to give my new character for quite some time. Originally I was going to use a box for his body but I didn't really like the effect.
Then summer arrived. I took time to plant flowers and relax at the beach. September rolled around and I had a new idea for his body that I wanted to try.
Below are some photos of many, but not all, of the steps I took to complete Dan de Lion.



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