Friday, July 22, 2016


Do you remember this clay head?
It was one of my newly begun art dolls.

"Sometimes the journey to completing a thing takes longer than you think."

I don't have a plan I just begin to mold the clay.

Then a face begins to emerge. A character, a personality, an attitude.

His ears are pointed. Hum mm, an elf?

Painting begins. 

He'll need a body. Wood turnings and dowels

He should have hair.
White, unraveled, stands of yarn hair.
It happens when you handle those lovely bright stars

He should have butterfly wings..
My clever, handy, brother cut wings for him from scrap wood

Clay boots with laces
A clay pocket for safe keeping of stars
And a fashionable star scarf around his neck.

He is a Butterfly Elf  Falling Star Catcher

His lovely wings are glittered on the front
and tell his story on the back
of catching falling stars and
saving them in a pocket
for those rainy days.

He has already caught several falling stars for his rainy day collection.

He wears a hang tag that reads
"Let it shine all the time let it shine."

A finished project!

Speaking of finishing a thing.
A few days ago I took these photos of the sun setting while sitting on my backyard deck.

Day is done, gone the sun, beautifully.

I thought this was quite interesting and gorgeous.
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