Saturday, May 28, 2016

Missing you...

Hello Dear Blogland Friends,
I've been gone for quite some time and I feel the need to start visiting your blogs. I miss reading your stories and seeing your latest artistic endeavors.

To get back into the swing I think I'll link to Pink Saturday. I know several of you will be there and I'll try to make an effort to visit several blogs to say hello. Thanks to Beverly for hosting this event each and every week for the past 8 years. Happy 8th Year Anniversary Pink Saturday!
The theme this week will be as always with lots of pinks and 8th year anniversary wishes. But I know Beverly will also want to see red, white, and blue to honor Memorial Day.

My red, white, and blue wreath is not my personal design. I saw several posts on Face Book featuring this bandana wreath and thought it was an easy and appropriate decoration for this and a few other holidays and a great way to get me creating again.

Wishing you all a memorable Memorial Day!