Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pink Saturday Visit...

I've been taking a break. I've missed the Pink Saturday camaraderie and decided to make a visit this week.
Hope you enjoy seeing some of my latest pinks.

... my sunshine...
for the youngest granddaughter who requested PINK and BLUE
for the youngest great granddaughter
a visitor outside my kitchen window this week
those purple glass grapes hanging at the window are close enough to pink to qualify
hope you enjoyed your visit here.
Thank to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting Pink Saturday
Click this link to visit


  1. Linda, so sorry I was not aware of the sickness or loss of your husband.There are days I do not visit as much. May you find peace and comfort in knowing I care and understand. I lost mine in 1995. Time will take care of things.

  2. Hi Linda, your pinks are gorgeous and your grand is so cute. Love the scarf you created adding in pink. I love seeing the deer walking near by. I miss that when we lived in Ohio.
    I am glad you have been taking a break as your heart needed the rest.
    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet visit. My prayers remain with you dear one and wishing you a wonderful start to February.
    Sending Hugs

  3. All very pretty pinks too Linda. I'll bet your g.daughters both loved them a lot and felt very pretty in them! ♥

  4. Such pretty sunshine. :) She lights up the screen.
    Love that kitchen window view too.
    Great pinks, friend... so glad you're an active pinky again.


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