Thursday, October 25, 2012

Autumn In My Neighborhood

It's Time For
Pink Saturday
Annual Check-Ups
Enjoying Autumn
Thanking Friends
Beverly at How Sweet The Sound is hosting our Pink Saturday Autumn Party. This week the theme is Breast Cancer Awareness.
My little witch is sitting in her pink jack-o-lantern to remind all the ladies over 35 to schedule an appointment for a mammogram.
My appointment is scheduled for the first week in November. 
My wonderful friend Cindy Adkins at Whimsical Musings and Angels At My Door entered a Breast Cancer Awareness Give-Away hosted by Raquel at Nola Spice Designs for a pretty pink pearl ring. When Cindy found out that she had won she asked Raquel permission to give the ring to me because I am a cancer survivor.  I am a 5 year survivor of uterine cancer. You don't hear as much about the other cancers that effect women and there isn't much in the way of celebrating and campaigning for research money for the other cancers. Each cancer has it's own color ribbon. Peach is the color for uterine cancer, a very close cousin to pink. I like pink very much and I do celebrate and support breast cancer research. I hope they find a cure for breast cancer and from that cure I hope it leads them to find the cure for all other cancers as well.  The ring is also a reminder to me of the awesome blog friends I have made. Thank you Cindy and Raquel for my beautiful handcrafted ring. I love it and it will help me to celebrate life and it will serve as a reminder to get my annual tests. 

Now for some pretty autumn shots from my neighborhood.
 One of the 3 orchards near my home
 A Country road on the way to my house
Autumn yellow, green, and blue view from our backyard
Mums in  a pot on the patio
Happy Pink Saturday !
To visit Beverly, Cindy, or Raquel simply click on their blog and Etsy shop names above.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Glitter And A Movie Challenge/Another Autumn Pink Saturday

Today I get to share two super fun blog events that are being hosted by two beautiful ladies. 
Since today is Friday, October 12th I must begin by wishing Marcia, one of the beautiful ladies I mentioned above, and my daughter Melissa, a Happy Birthday!
Not only is this day special for Marcia because it's her birthday it's also a special day for her because today is the day she is showcasing the kick-off her new creative party blog she is calling Glitter And A Movie Challenge.
Before I forget to tell you, Marcia's blog is  The Shop Around The Corner. 
Click here to visit her. She has all the rules and information about the challenge listed for you to read. While you are there you should really peruse some of her older posts too. Marcia's stories and images are enchanting and her music soothing. You will quickly learn that it bring her joy to give away her magical pieces of art.
Every month Marcia will feature a Movie for the challenge. Her first movie choice is:
when harry met sally
I am submitting an ATC (Artist Trading Card) that I made for the challenge. Fans of the movie will understand my use of the words in the background, the midnight hour on the clock, and the "special" order on the deli ticket. Fans that stay until the last credits play will understand the coconut and chocolate sauce wedding cake.  
 I put a pocket in the ATC .
If you look closely you can see a deli ticket sticking out at the top.
This is the back of my ATC. My plan for now is to make an ATC for each of Marcia's movie challenges. I think of them as mini billboards.
Thanks for the inspirational fun Marcia!
Beverly at How Sweet The Sound hosts the weekly Pink Saturday party. Click here to visit Beverly and the other beautiful Autumn Pink Saturday blogs. She has given us all a theme list from now through all the holiday's. Anything pink is always welcome to show every week. This week Beverly's special additional theme is Pumpkins and More Pumpkins.  Thank you Beverly for the weekly fun! 
I didn't get my porch pumpkin yet but here are a few I have inside my house.

Thanks for your visit and comments!
Pink Saturday and Glitter and a Movie Challenge links are on my side bar too.
Have FUN...

Monday, October 8, 2012

Mind Wide Open October Challenge

"Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater
Had a wife and couldn't keep her.
He put her in a pumpkin shell 
And there he kept her very well."
Perhaps Peter ate too many pumpkins? 
The image above is the original from Gail at Mind Wide Open for the October challenge. I had no ideas and at the last minute I decided to vandalize the image and submit it for the challenge. 
Go here to check out all the other submissions and vote for your favorite one. Thanks for the fun Gail.

Friday, October 5, 2012

An Autumn Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday
Visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound and the Pink Saturday Party, click here

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday

This past Sunday I found this pretty tea cup and saucer at a little antique store. I like the red, white and blue flowers. The bottom of the cup and saucer are stamped Elizabethan fine bone china. That is all I know about the piece. Terri and some of the "Tea Cup Tuesday" members may know much more. I'm just happy to add another cup to my small collection and finally have a new one to post. Please click here to visit Terri at Artful Affirmations our Tea Cup Tuesday hostess to see an assortment of beautiful tea cups.

 Bottom of the cup

 Bottom of the saucer
Thanks for stopping by...
While you are drinking that cup of tea I'd like to invite you to watch the video below. It's only about 4 minutes long. After viewing the video I would appreciate it if you would click the "like" on the YouTube site. You can read more about this in my previous post. 
Thank you!