Saturday, August 27, 2011

Go Away Irene it's Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday!
I didn't have time this week for creating and I'm fresh out of pictures of pink things. But I enjoy Pink Saturday too much not to participate. My post today will be the Pink Saturday button. Please click on it to visit our sweet hostess Beverly at "How Sweet The Sound." Say hello to her and then try to visit some of the other P.S. participants.
If you scroll through some of my older posts you may find some creative inspiration. Have a wonderful day.
I'm thinking about and praying for all of us in Hurricane Irene's path this weekend. Stay safe!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tag Tuesday, Pink Saturday and Happy Birthday~ August 20th

My "Rose" tag was inspired by Rebecca at the Blog Challenge Garden. The theme this week is to use a vintage photo. My tag shape and the vintage photo are from Dezinaworld.

I also took some pictures of our Rose Of Sharon bush. I altered one of the shots with digital filters and digital stamps to create a "rose" background for my tag staging photo. Perfect for a Pink  Saturday post too. Please hop on over to visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound.

Bee Careful!

Today is my DH's birthday. We are delighted and grateful to God that he is home and recovering from his surgery. Thank you for all your prayers. He will begin radiation and chemotherapy treatments in a few weeks.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pink Saturday and Blessings~August 13, 2011

This is a very special Pink Saturday. Beverly at How Sweet The Sound, our P.S. hostess  has teamed up with Kelee Katillac and several others to help raise money for an awesome organization. Please watch this video. Then visit How Sweet The Sound and the Design Gives Back site and as many of the other sites as you can.  You and I can help to give hope to another individual or family just by leaving a simple comment. Please read the tips below from Kelee to see how you can help.

Here are some suggestions of how it works from our friend Kelee Katillac at the Katillac Shack:
"There will be many places for folks to help earn donations by JOINING - Commenting - Like ' ing - Or Posting. Here is how it works in 4 WAYS:
1) Comments: Comments at any of the host blogs earn $1 each
2) Joining Google Friend Connect: We are creating our volunteer blogger roster of the future thru Google Friend Connect it will be up on Wednesday.
We will Donate $1 for each person that joins Design Gives Back Google Friend Connect PLEASE come by Wednesday and be the first to connect! :):)
3) Facebook: "Liking" Design Gives Back/ or Guideposts Facebook earns .50 each/ donation from us comments earn $1
4) Anyone that does a post with something positive, uplifting, spiritual or miraculous and a link to the video or embedded video and link to us will earn a $5 donation from us to the charities!!! ----They must email us the link to their post.--- So it gets counted.
Bless your 1,000 Times.....
HUGS with Gratitude and Anticipation!

Before you leave I want to share our personal blessing with you. At times I'm baffled about coincidences and the timing of life events.  My husband has had a brain tumor for well over ten years. Recently we were told there is a change in the tumor. On Wednesday, August 10 he had surgery for a biopsy and debulking of a brain mass. You may be thinking, "How is that a blessing?" It is a blessing because the surgery went well and he was taken out of ICU to a regular hospital room Thursday afternoon. He may be coming home Saturday! It will take a while until the final pathology reports come back. We know it is a high grade tumor but we are hopeful that it will respond to radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  
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Friday, August 5, 2011

T.T. P.S.F.F. Oops!

Oops! I really didn't want to plant a giant Zinnia in this pot. I actually didn't even know Zinnias grew this tall. The flower was so pretty.
 Pretty flower
 Digital alteration. Face image from Dezinaworld.
Tag Tuesday Challenge "A Face."

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