Friday, February 15, 2013

Muse On Hiatus...Mostly

I have not been blogging or creating as I would like for the past few months. Lucky for me my sweet grandchildren and great grandchildren do not let the winter blues stop them from making things. 
This very colorful heart was made by my granddaughter  She has a large collection of crayons as you can see.
 Below are Valentine drawings I received. 
The first drawing is from my 5 year old great grandson. He said that it's a drawing of two guys getting out of a space ship. He said the two guys are wearing their space suits. I'm not sure why guys in a space ship are on my Valentine. He did use a red crayon to draw the picture. 
 The next drawing is from my 7 year old granddaughter. I just love their gifts and their sweet hugs and kisses! They inspire me and bring me joy
Speaking of inspiration and joy...
My dear friend Marcia at The Shop Around The Corner sent me Valentine sunshine. Click here to visit Marcia.

Here are a few photos of things I have been working on.  
 I enjoyed playing with sequin yarn. The close up of the yarn shows the actual color better than the next photo. I like the little addition of bling in yarn.
 I purchased a steam punk watch case for my daughter as a Christmas stocking-stuffer. I didn't have time to put anything inside the case before giving it to her. Last week I finally designed a collage to put in the case. It's my first attempt at making a steam punk collage. I think I would like to make more.
Pocket watch
  Empty watch case
 The beginning - butterfly paper background, a metal button, watch parts, gears...
 add beads, a  bit of lace, a paper flower with bling
 I think I like it -
Snap it inside the case. Add a key to the chain.
My daughter was happy with the finished piece.
The time on the clock is set to always be "elevenses."
I hope you had a lovely Valentine's day!
I'm going to link this to the Pink Saturday blog hop. Stop by to see lots of pink posts and say hello to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. Click here!


  1. I know what you mean about your muse taking a trip and leaving you at home. I think mine left with yours and they didn't leave a fowarding address. I just don't have any get up and go anymore. Your granddaughter's hearts are beautiful. Maybe your muse is visiting with her for a while.

  2. Loving the sweet Valentine creations from the G Kids Linda! Creativity definitely runs in the family then! :)
    Wow, your first attempt at Steampunk is just gorgeous! How clever you were with it! Well done you! I'm actually in the middle of doing similar things with old watches too! Snap! lol.

  3. Your gifts from the grands are just precious and the watch is stunningly creative! What a keepsake for your daughter to have, XOXO

  4. I love your steam punk watch and am sure your daughter was delighted with it:) the pictures from the grand kids are adorable.

  5. Hi Linda
    Thank You so much for visiting my Blog and your lovely comment.
    What a precious collection of Valentine cards and I have to say that the space ship card made me smile.
    I love that collection of crayons and the creativity of your grandchild to form them into a heart shape.
    Gorgeous scarf, I so wish I could knit and the steampunk creation, I seriously cannot believe this is your first attempt at Steampunk. You need to ensure it isn't your last.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Hi, Linda...I know what you mean about being on hiatus. I haven't been blogging for a while, and then I discovered my comic strip "Kare and Mare", and I decided to post them once a week. It keeps my blog updated, and gives some humor for my visitors. If you haven't been by, you're welcome to take a peek.

    Oh, I just adore your valentines from your grandchildren. How blessed is that! I think Eli put spacemen on your valentine because he thinks either you're out of this world the best grandma, or the love your both share extends into the Universe.

    The steam punk watch you created for your daughter is wonderful!! I can imagine how much she's enjoying it.

    Blessings for more inspiration,

    Marianne xo

  7. Hello Linda,
    How sweet to have Valentine's from your dear little ones! That is priceless!
    Your scarf is lovely, such a nice shade of colors! I was wanting to make a scarf too, must get on that.
    I am loving your first attempt at steampunk! Wow! I think you did a fabulous job on it! I have never tried such a thing myself, but love the style. Your daughter must be thrilled!
    I am excited to see your domino books! I will keep an eye out!

  8. Oooh, I don't know where to begin with all the goodies I see, Linda. First off, I bet "mommom" must instantly melt your heart. Love all the sweet notes and the very creative crayon heart, and I especially love being a part of this perfect Valentine post alongside so many pretties.
    I am happiest to see YOU creating again, and this pocket watch is gorgeous. I have not seen this done before. WOW!! I absolutely LOVE IT!! Do elevenses have significance to her?

  9. Love the sweet Valentines from the Grands! Your watch is stunning, I am sure your daughter is so proud of you too! Pretty scarf, love the sequins, did you add them or was it in the yarn? I was also wondering about elevens. Take care. ~Diane


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