Saturday, April 11, 2015

Art Doll Stories And Messages...

I love on-line art classes.
If you follow me you know that over the years I've taken many classes and have posted what I've learned. My friends also know that I dabble in many different creative genres. My favorite is mixed media art. 
Recently one of my friends, Pam from Cloth To Creation, told me about an amazing doll artist who has posted video classes on how to make " A Shrine Angel Doll." The other amazing thing about the class is that it is free. Those of us who have paid for classes know the more in-depth the class the higher the cost.
The doll artist, Daryle Cook, has created a new site called Cloth And Clay Doll Makers. He has step-by-step videos on how to create the Shrine Angel Doll mentioned above. He also is in the process of creating another free class on making a "Book Faerie." Click on the link to see the trailer about the class.
I'm watching his videos and in the process of making my first mixed media O.O.A.K. art doll. I'm enjoying it very much. Here are a few photos of my progress so far.

I have a long way to go...

Now, if all that giving isn't enough Daryle also has a fantastic monthly "Give-Away." I was so blessed to have won his March treasure. On Good Friday, I received Daryle's "Hope Angel." Click the link to visit Daryle and his wife, Katie, at Woodstown Whimsies to read about his Angel of Hope.  Click here to check out the free video classes and the new Cloth and Clay Doll Makers.

Daryle's Hope Angel in his new home.
Telling a powerful story and a message of hope.

By the way, my dear friend, Pam, has also made a Shrine Angel Doll. Click on her blog link above to see her O.O.A.K. doll story. Here's a clue, she loves birds.

Thank you so much Daryle for the Hope Angel and this wonderful new journey.

I'm linking this post to Pink Saturday. Beverly asked for anything pink or any Spring message. The Angel Doll carries a beautiful, powerful Spring message of hope.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Rescue And Revive

"One man's trash is another man's treasure."
This little chair was headed for the trash because the seat was broken. I had to rescue it. I brought it home with the intention of reviving it with decorative painting. That was ten years ago. It sat waiting for me to be inspired.
The inspiration finally came.
 The mended seat.

A base coat of white paint.
The image was my inspiration.
The cute little fairy image is from, Dawn, at The Feathered Nest

Friday, March 20, 2015

A Body Of Work...

This is my Woven Fat Book Collection to date. "A Body Of Work."

That is what Gaye Medbury (Woven Fat Book Instructor) calls it when she lines up about six of her beautiful little Fat Books to show how they look grouped together. If you scroll down to my previous post you can click on Gaye's name to connect with her on her Face Book Page. Or click on the link in that post to her class at Creative Workshops for making these really cute books.

I made three of these fun little books. Below is the last one I made and it's my favorite of the three. Index cards are used for the pages of the book. I used plain white for two of the books and colored cards for the last one. I thought the color-coded cards would be fun to use. They have lines on one side and they are blank on the opposite side. Each side of the color-coded cards is a different color. One side orange, the other green, one side pink, the other yellow. Here, I'll show you...

FUN! Right?

After I purchased the set I began to think about a theme. Here is what I thought would be perfect. I took sections of six photos taken on a trip to the sea shore last August. I digitally altered, filtered, and played with them to make book covers below. The colorful beach umbrellas go perfectly with the colored cards.

This image is composed of sections from five different photos and then posterized for the effect.
This is only one photo with a digital butterfly added then posterized.  
The photos are very special to me and the butterfly has meaning to me. Butterflies seem to show up in my art and life so I've decided they might as well be part of my signature.
My Beach Theme Woven Fat Book
The three little shells I glued on the cover were found on that beach in the photos.  Very special. This was a beach trip taken by myself, one of my daughters, and one of my granddaughters. The three gulls and the three shells were not intentionally planned. Sometimes things like this just fall in place.
The shell beads I used on the spine are from an old broken necklace I had. I thought they were perfect.  
I shuffled the index cards to mix up the colors.   I also placed the cards within the signatures so that the lines and the blank pages would alternate inside for journaling.
You might view this back cover as a sun setting but it is actually a rising sun.  The duel possibilities of this image is also significantly important to me.
I used seam binding on the woven spine and the closure on this book. There are two shells at the end of the ties. I also used Stickles glitter around the edges of the images. I do like a little glitter in my projects and I think it sort looks like sand.
If you would like to see my first two Woven Fat Books scroll down to the previous post or click here.  Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Fat Book" Making

I really do enjoy making fat/chubby/mini, cute little books.
In the past I've made several accordion folded books that I filled with calligraphy quotations. I have also make a few domino books, filled with tiny images and messages.
My latest book making are these Woven Spine Fat Books. I am becoming so addicted to making them.
I'm grateful to Gaye Medbury for teaching the Woven Fat Book class through the Creative Workshop Website.
I can't stop now. My next fat book theme will be the beach.
 I used a silky multi-colored ribbon to weave the spine on this book and embellished the waxed threads with spring colored beads.
Images and quotes of springtime are on little slips of card stock tucked into the pockets inside the book.

There are pockets inside this book too but I haven't decided what I would like to put into them. Perhaps song titles and images of instruments. Humm...I'm not sure yet.
I used black and white fabric strips to weave the spine on this book and then added jingle bells and beads to the waxed threads.

I created the images on the cover of the Sing/Listen fat book by digitally altering several different images I had purchased years ago from June MacFarlane. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

When you're snowed in...

With all the snow this winter I found putting jigsaw puzzles together was a great way to pass the time away.
I have not been spending very much time on creating things lately, however, I am now in the process of gathering supplies for some new projects that I'm excited to try.  I hope to post some photos about them next month.

I'm off now to purchase one last puzzle for this season. It's a special jigsaw puzzle. An artist friend, Phyllis Moser, had one of her original pieces, Eve's Gift, made into a puzzle. If you would like to find out more about Phyllis and her art you may visit her website here - Or if you would like to find where to purchase her puzzle go here -

Friday, February 20, 2015

Pink Saturday Winter Play

Winter play - skiing, ice skating, snow-boarding.

Back-in-the-day we did enjoyed skiing but I cannot tolerate the cold and the fear of breaking one of these old bones keeps me indoors. I avoid going out especially now with the frigid temperatures. While trying to stay warm and not get bored out of my mind, I play. 

I've always enjoyed playing with boxes. I love to "up-cycle" them. Take for example this old watch box. The watch is long gone. Some may think that I should have tossed the box into the trash. But why? It was a great little box.

I played with some paper and glue, a little glitter, a few gems and some buttons. I like how it turned out but now I'm not sure if I should keep it or give it away. What would you keep in a butterfly box, wishes, kisses, more butterflies?


Another winter pastime I enjoy is putting together jigsaw puzzles.  A friend of mine calls working on jigsaw puzzles "winter sports." I'm just getting started on this one. I hope Spring is here by the time I get it completed.

I'm linking this to -  How Sweet The Sound Pink Saturday

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sharing Gray Shades

A different kind of shades of gray...

The link below is to a beautiful post by my friend Marcia. She wrote this particular post as a tribute to a family friend who has passed away. I've been following Marcia for a couple of years and I've always loved her blogging style.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Watercolor Class...

Back in November I signed up for this watercolor class.

Things didn't go as I planned for the next month and I didn't do the class. Finally in late January I decided it was time. Below are photos of my pieces. It was a fun and easy class.  One thing I like about the on-line classes here at the Creative Workshop is that once you purchase the class you can go at your own pace and there is usually a long period of time that you have access to the classes. Perfect for me. The Christmas ball, holly leaf, and the Cardinal are from the class. The flowers are my watercolor doodles

Gee, there is a new class at Creative Workshop that I'm interested in trying, making a chubby little book. My favorite projects are making little books and decorating boxes. Perhaps I'll buy myself a Valentine's Day gift.


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pink Saturday Visit...

I've been taking a break. I've missed the Pink Saturday camaraderie and decided to make a visit this week.
Hope you enjoy seeing some of my latest pinks.

... my sunshine...
for the youngest granddaughter who requested PINK and BLUE
for the youngest great granddaughter
a visitor outside my kitchen window this week
those purple glass grapes hanging at the window are close enough to pink to qualify
hope you enjoyed your visit here.
Thank to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting Pink Saturday
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